Some Sony TVs Get Firmware Update: HDD Recording

Some users have reported an update to their Sony TVs recently, and Sony’s French support website has posted details about this firmware update.


The new firmware update, given the clean title of PKG3.317EUB for TV, contains two new features and a number of minor stability updates. It was just published last week. Updated stability is always good, but the new features are likely more enticing.

The two biggest improvements are “HDD recording via USB”, and “simultaneous display of two images”. This means picture in picture support, or as the website also points out, picture and picture.

This doesn’t seem to be a normal OS update, and the process to install it is not normal. You have to download a zip from Sony’s website and install it on a USB drive.

Then, you have to insert the USB drive into the TV and confirm you want to update your device.

This doesn’t seem like it’s an OS update, so users won’t be going to Lollipop to Marshmallow, although that’s still coming.

When can I get it?

Right now this firmware update seems to be only available for European countries not including the United Kingdom. Plus, it’s only available to a particular number of TV models:

KD-55S8505C / S8005C
KD-65S8505C / S8005C
KD-43X8305C / X8307C / X8308C / X8309C
KD-49X8005C / X8305C / X8307C / X8308C / X8309C
KD-55X8005C / X8505C / X8507C / X8508C / X8509C / X9005C / X9305C
KD-65X8505C / X8507C / X8508C / X8509C / X9005C / X9305C
KD-75X8505C / X9105C / X9405C

If both of these conditions are met, you can get started. If not, you may have to wait until Sony officially publishes an update for your model in your market.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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