Android N For Android TV Gains Recent Tabs

As I’ve been going through the Android N build seeing what new things are upon us I came across something that seems so useful and is both a power user and non-power user feature and that is what I’m calling for now recent tabs. Below you’ll see how it looks in the short video taken and you’ll notice some apps do better than others as of now.

So What Does This Mean?

This means your average browsing and swapping of apps is about to get a lot faster and more efficient the going home every time you wanna switch an app. From going to a YouTube video to a game when stuck on a level and vice versa it will make the process a lot more seamless and convenient for us all.


So How Do I Use/Do It?

It’s fairly easy, all you have to do is hold down the back and home button on the game pad for about a second and it will bring up the recent tabs menu. On a remote I haven’t found or don’t believe there’s an option yet but we can hope for such support down the road by the time it’s a full release.



I think Android N has a lot to bring to the table on every iteration of the Android Platform and it could be the thing that Android TV needs to outshine the competition and show it’s selling points to consumers.

Anthony Garera

Anthony is usually tinkering with everything and anything because there's always one more thing to do, reviewing games and apps and complaining about things normal people don't think about.

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