Bumper Ads( Not Bumper Cars) Come To YouTube


YouTube has graced us with a new type of ad platform for YouTube called bumper ads. In a blog post, Product Manager Zach Lupei said YouTube has been exploring formats that are better-suited for smartphone video watchers. Hence the creation of Bumper ads — video ads that are only six seconds long. Drawing inspiration from short bumper ads seen on TV, in addition to ease the pain of watching an ad for a video that’s shorter than the ad.

Now those long ads won’t go away but will be joined by the bumper ads and the new ads have one catch, they’re unskippable because of their short duration. The primary target are “Snackable Videos” so those of you who like short videos for that one funny moment or quick announcement from your favorite YouTuber expect to see these and see them often over the previous formatted ads. Advertisers can begin using Bumper Ads starting in May, though Google says they will accommodate full-length ads, not replace them. An example of a bumper ad is in the video below.



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