Final Fantasy IX Supports Android TV, Doesn’t Appear in Play Store

Final Fantasy IX is one in a series of successful role-playing games produced by the game studio Square Enix. Though they have launched first on consoles, several have since received mobile adaptions and continue to do well.

As the games first launched on consoles, and now they support Android, it makes sense that they should come to Android TV, a mobile console. If you go to the Play Store on your TV and search for FFIX, you won’t see it. However, if you go to the web Play Store, you’ll see that some TVs are listed as supported (and some are not).

FFIX Support

It seems though, that FFIX fully supports Android TV, allowing you to play both with a gamepad and has a banner for the launcher. This was discovered by Orions Angel in a YouTube video, which includes a play through of the first few minutes of the game.

It’s interesting that they fully support Android TV yet don’t seem to advertise of publicly support it. This could be in lieu of an announcement down the line with a partner. NVIDIA has been getting many developers to build apps for the Shield TV, and Google I/O is around the corner which gives them another opportunity to market it. Another possible reason is that the game isn’t ready for Android TV support yet. The Play Store description mentions a major bug that seems to have been recently fixed.

– We have fixed the bug where disembarking from a Chocobo or airship can cause Zidane to disappear and players to be unable to progress in the game. Please update affected games to the newest version to fix the bug.

So FFIX is almost certainly coming to Android TV, it’s a matter of when. There’s probably a team that are still ironing out bugs before we’ll know for sure. In the meantime, you may get lucky and have your device supported. You can buy and download the game from Google Play. Be warned, the app’s size is over 3GB.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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