Philips TV Development Contest Winners Announced

Last year, to help promote Philips TVs and Android TV in general, they hosted a TV app development competition. Users were able to submit Android TV apps and the best ones would win prizes including free TVs and advertising credit. After submissions were turned in back in January, and the three judges deliberated, they recently announced the top three apps.

The three judges that were key to the success of the contest were: Marc Harmsen, the CMO for Philips brands including TV, monitors, tablets, and mobile, Marc B├Ąchinger, developer advocate at Google, and Vlad Micu, a freelance game professional at VGVisionary.

3rd Place: Zattoo

Smart TVs mean we’re drifting away from cable, but that doesn’t mean we want to cut out all of that content. The app Zattoo is a service that lets you stream videos and movies free from German channels. Swiss users can also access certain channels for free. Unfortunately this is a European service. It’s not available in the United States.

2nd Place: Tellybean

Having a big screen is the perfect place for your family and friends, even if they’re not nearby. Tellybean has created a video chat application that works with select webcams, and it works pretty well. Anyone can get started for free on a TV or through a web browser.

Our judges thought Tellybean was the most innovative app of all the submissions because of its unique service solution.

1st Place: Table Top Racing

Made by Playrise Digital Ltd, this racing game takes the fun unpredictability of Mario Kart and applies it to a game compatible with Android TV. You can obtain coins and use those to trade-in for customizable vehicles. It supports Google Play Games, making it easy to play in your downtime on any device.


Android TV needs more of these contests to further incentivize developers to look at the TV and just help attract more press about the platform. Hopefully Philips will host another contest for the upcoming year and more developers will register. Congratulations to the winners, your investment in the Android TV platform seems to have paid off.

Thanks to Cami for the tip

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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