Assassin’s Creed Identity: Does it work on Android TV?

Assassin’s Creed Identity is an action RPG game based in the console video game series Assassin’s Creed. It has been available on iOS for a while, but now it’s finally come to Android. When you look at the compatibility of it, you can see Android TV devices like the Shield TV are listed as being supported. That’s exciting news, but does it actually work?

Some users on the GeForce forum have been looking at it.

User Ventilator gives a brief summary of the game.

No problem.

I got more info on the game from a guy who bought it.

The good things.

– Good looking Android TV icon.
– Installs to Shield TV from web.
– Its a console quality game.
– The game is 97.MB.. Data files installs directly to SD cards, you won’t lose much.
About 2.5GB is installed directly to SD,
– The game runs at 900p on Shield TV. Minor stuttering sometimes, but overall slick.
I expected 1080p thou.
– The sound is some of the best on Android so far. Utilizing subwoofer on home cinema too.
– 5 Character classes..RPG style.
– Each campaign may have different city designs. Looks like it on menu.
– Due to how the game is made, its ready for future “DLC campaigns”.

The bad things.

– No camera invert option. No Gamepad config at all. Atleast it shows controls on menu, and ingame in options.
– You get 1 campaign included in price.
– Campaign 2,3,4 etc. can be unlocked for a small amount of money each. (4 Missions in each?)
– It works fine on Shield TV, but controls is a bit dumbed down thanks to touch screen support too.
1 button for sword usage, auto climbing on walls etc.
– No Google Play integration? Uplay is there.
– Looks like it uses Facebook or Uplay for cloud save.
– Start button turns sound on and off. No settings ingame.

Some menu items doesen’t support Gamepad. Thankfully the menu supports mouse, so use that when needed.

Assassins Creed Identity

You can install the app from the web and get started, as we do in this video below.

The app is 97MB from the store, but it needs storage permission to download another 2GB of data. The app may crash at first due to disabled permissions. This should be quickly fixed in a new version. This download may take a fairly long time depending on your Internet connection. (You can skip through the video.)

Based on our experience, the game works well on a TV. The game seems fully works with a gamepad and Google Play Games are integrated for achievements. The game is pretty high quality, similar to a console game, and it is fairly fun. The game’s core mechanics are a bit underwhelming. My assassinations are pretty obvious in broad daylight and the guards aren’t too smart, but you may prefer it.

The app is $5 to buy on Google Play.

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