Google Home To Join Android TV And Google Cast In The Living Room

Google Home has just been announced at Google I/O and it appears to be a match made in heaven for Android TV. Google Home, previously code named “Chirp”, was rumored to be an Amazon Echo competitor. It certainly is an Amazon Echo competitor but also so much more. It appears to be the realization of [email protected] I/O’s past. Google showed off videos that demonstrated Google Home taking conversational commands, controlling music in separate rooms, flinging videos, and controlling Nest devices… all by voice. It has the full weight of the search giant’s natural language processing behind it. Android TV appears that it could be another cog in the Google Home platform. It would be very cool to just walk in the door and ask Google Home to turn on ESPN in the living room. And according to what we saw in the demo today this might be possible with a simple request to the Google Assistant in your Google Home device. Google Home brings a serious competitor to Amazon Echo and it’s going to be a battle of the Titans and for Google to even the playing field they need to make sure it works and it works often and is accessible throughout their ecosystem.

What I’m excited about the most is the customization and how you can make each your own to customize it to your liking, room colors, team colors etc; Right now this is the unique edge Home will have over Amazon’s Echo. We’ll be seeing Google Home in the fall and till then we’ll just have to wait and see what information we’ll be fed about it. At this time, there’s no exact price or price range, but I would expect to see Google market and price these devices aggressively against its competition and make it affordable to the masses.  You can sign up for future information at

Brian Stein

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