MarketCast – Check Stocks Out In Real Time On TV, Cause Why Not


MarketCast isn’t your run of the mill app but an real need being filled in the app space of Android TV. Financial Stocks and Securities are part of our everyday lives and can be especially useful in firms where they need data displayed, it’d be a good idea to leverage such an application instead of needing a whole PC(s) for it. In a business environment this makes complete sense and even though it’s bare bones now it can be expanded upon to suit the needs of the company.

It uses your Google account to sign in so it works wherever you go and syncs and saves your stocks and leverages Android TV’s voice search in app to search for stocks and it finds them no problem. Once you find the stocks you want it will ask you which row you want each on(1-3). If you want it removed you can easily do that too by hitting remove fund.


MarketCast is only on version .2 with hopefully more to come to fill a much-needed niche in the Android TV platform.

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