Super Slam Dunk Touchdown Arrives For The NVIDIA SHIELD TV

Beginning with the over the top outrageous name you know it’s going to be quiet the game. Super Slam Dunk Touchdown arrives on the SHIELD TV today and in a way brings multiple mini games within one big game in the way that Bombsquad does except it’s all in the same game mode.

In Super Slam Dunk Touchdown, you’ll bring together a group of gifted digital athletes and take advantage of their unique skills—gleaned from more traditional sports that include hockey and even roller derby—to win over-the-top and immensely entertaining matches. You’ll find baseballs, bowling balls, basketballs, tennis balls, and others, while avoiding unconventional hazards that include streaking fans and even banana peels.

The game is also a blast to play with friends as it supports local multiplayer for up to six players to face off in 3v3 matches. Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is on sale on Google Play Store for $12.


Anthony Garera

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