Ultimate Chicken Horse Arrives On SHIELD TV And Tablet

Winner of several awards including the Boston Festival of Indie Games 2015’s “Best in Show” and “Audience Choice”, Ultimate Chicken Horse from Clever Endeavour Games is a delightfully quirky local multiplayer party game where players race across levels as a chicken, horse, sheep, racoon and even more unlockable characters!

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Ultimate Chicken Horse’s chaotic, yet tremendously fun, multiplayer gameplay allows players to actually build levels as they race against their opponents. Players can also set various traps and hazards in levels—including everything from buzzsaws to auto-firing crossbows—in order to sabotage other players and get to the finish line first. Of course, those environmental hazards can also hurt you, so exhibiting quick decision making and reflexes is crucial to winning. The game also boasts a large selection of blocks and objects players can use to build and customize levels, which makes for an experience that feels fresh every time you play. It’s similar to the popular Steam game Speedrunners if you’ve ever played it before.


Ultimate Chicken Horse is now available to download on SHIELD devices for $9.99 via Google Play.

Source: NVIDIA Blog

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