Xiaomi’s Mi Box is Official A New Android TV Device So Says Their Twitter, Coming to US “Soon”


The follow tweet shows Xiaomi came to Google I/O with new hardware and it’s in a small black box ( Queue IT Crowd Joke)


Jokes aside this is the second dedicated 4k Set Top Box on the Android TV platform after the NVIDIA SHIELD TV of course. And it’s coming with it’s own very interesting looking all matte black controller which has dual motor vibration, 3-axis G-sensor and is going to be separate and not included with the Mi Box.

The Mi Box, however, seems like a heavy spec box and in a little matte black and plain Jane shell. With 4k HDR, it will give you quite the picture on your 4k TV, beyond on this not much is known at the moment. Now on to the remote and this one looks familiar, Amazon Fire remote anyone? Regardless it’s a Bluetooth remote that have voice input and will leverage Google to query for your Apps, Games, Shows or random questions.

It’s planned to come to the US soon but no price or date has been set but when it does we’ll be sure to tell you and hopefully get one to review so you know what you’re buying before you buy it.


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