[ Take With A Grain Of Salt ] New Nexus Player? Goes Through FCC Certification

Google and Asus launched the first(Second if the ADT-1 is counted) Android TV devices in late 2014. Fast forwarding after much grief about it being underpowered and it going away and then coming back & other issues it now appears to be recently retired, but not so fast. We might have a second gen Nexus Player on our hands. Now before one gets too excited, Asus recently filed new documents to the FCC suggesting that a new model with minor changes could be coming. So a hardware refresh but the same old look? The new model has the same FCC ID number, which means it probably won’t be dramatically different from the original. But here are some of the things Asus says are different (and which require FCC approval).

  • Modified WiFi antenna layout (with the same type of antenna, but a lower antenna gain than in the original application)
  • Updated system power circuit and layout
  • Updated RF circuit and layout
  • Updated system circuit components, including USB, HDMI, and Power button.

Now this still leaves room for a new processor which wouldn’t have to go through like the other components, so we may be looking at a small refresh come fall time from Google. Now nothing is set in stone but this could always have been a dev unit which got scraped but we won’t know for a while and until then feast your eyes on the little proof we have.

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