NVIDIA SHIELD TV 3.2 Experience Update [Hands-On]

The day has finally arrived, NVIDIA’s featured packed 3.2 Experience update has arrived after a long drawn out month long tease. The download comes in at 912.29MB which is small for all that it’s bringing to the table. The update should be rolling out to all SHIELD TVs if it hasn’t reached you already.

System upgrade_20160629_112333

Netflix HDR Support

So on to the first feature and that is Netflix HDR support and this makes the SHIELD the first set top box to support it. For those of you who don’t know what HDR a quick Google search will tell you, but essentially its a better picture and more colors. Now if you know what HDR is then be excited to own such a phenomenal panel! You’ll be seeing your shows and movies the way the director intended. Now there’s a small catch

What You’ll Need:

As you can see it’s pretty straight forward requirements, the only one that might throw people for a loop is the 4 screen plan but if you want 4K even without HDR you’ll have to move up to the $11.99 plan. So if you’ve already moved to that plan don’t worry about a thing. Right now we can’t test HDR because it hasn’t been enabled app side yet.

System upgrade_20160629_112349


Next we have the long awaited and now preinstalled VUDU app which does support 4K and voice search and if you have Ultraviolet content or a Disney Movie Anywhere account it can be linked/is linked so that content can be viewed as well. Note: Disney Movie Anywhere can also be viewed in the Google Play Movies & TV App. So I had to try out the new app naturally and there were some pros and cons for me personally while using it.


  • It streamed flawlessly no buffering or anything instant HDX.( 1080p)  (40/40 connection)
  • Metadata everywhere! Services like Rotten Tomatoes so you know what to expect.
  • Many options for content.


  • Lack of Leanback UI
  • Entering credentials was painful
  • Non native playback controls.

System upgrade_20160629_112407

Dolby Atmos Support

Enjoy a home theater experience with rich Dolby® Atmos surround sound pass-through in VUDU, MX Player, SPMC, and SHIELD’s preinstalled Photos & Videos app. I’d tell you how great this is on my own system but i’m not that fortunate to own an Atmos receiver and 11 recommended speakers. So let’s say it’s great!

Plex Media Server

The one everyone’s been dying to get their hands on since it was announced not long ago and it even leaked a few days early on the Play Store. The SHIELD can now host and transcode videos, photos, and music for streaming to other computers and gadgets, just like the PC version of the software. As of right now it’s the only Android-powered device that’s been given the capability. Both models of the SHIELD will work but if you want the 16GB version to hold anything really you’re going to need a NAS drive, USB or a MicroSD card. Now do keep in mind everything but Metadata storage on the SHIELD can be stored externally and there’s no option to change that for now, but thankfully metadata is pretty small unless you have 10TB of content which would equate to about 16GB. On my first run through Plex didn’t let me set up the Media Server which was a bit saddening but our own Brian Stein got his setup no problem, so results may vary. Now as I’m typing this I just managed to set it up by clearing the Plex Media Server’s data so if you run into issues on setup exactly that.

System upgrade_20160629_112416

YouTube 4K 60FPS

This one is pretty straight foward, watch YouTube videos in 4K Ultra HD resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second. Remember 1080p60fps, just bump it up to 4K, not much to see here people move along.


Borderlands 2 Arrives Tomorrow

Today, June 30th Borderland 2 joins as the final piece of the puzzle to the series on SHIELD TV. On GeForce Now you have the original Borderlands and native to Android you have Borderlands: The pre-sequel and now the family has reunited and you can play all 3 in the series right on your SHIELD TV.

Various Other Features & Goodies

  • Access SHIELD folders from a network PC or Mac and enjoy drag-and-drop file sharing. Enable in Settings > Storage & reset > Access SHIELD folders on PC.
  • Mount a network attached storage device (NAS) to SHIELD to access your complete media collection. Stream this media to mobile devices using the Plex app and SHIELD’s HD hardware transcode. Set up in Settings > Storage & reset > Network storage.  
  • Automatically turn off your TV when SHIELD sleeps. Enable in Settings > HDMI > HDMI-CEC preferences.     THANK YOU!
  • Enable YCbCr 4:4:4 color space for improved video quality on supported TVs. Go to Settings > HDMI > Color space.
  • Improves picture quality for RGB TVs
  • Delivers the latest monthly Android security updates
  • Improves video playback for 23.976 Hz refresh rate
  • Improves TV compatibility

Game And App Optimizations ( Pictures)

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