Sony’s Brand New “Ultra” 4K Streaming Service Went Live This Week, But With A Catch




4k with its beautiful picture has been slow to adoption because content creators minus a few special eggs are playing the game of catchup. If you remember when HD and 1080p specifically began to catch on it was an endless game of catch up to remaster it all for HD! Well, it’s back and this time for 4k because everyone wants their favorite movie in the best possible quality am I right? The latest content creator/publisher to step up to the plate is Sony with their brand new Ultra app which is conveniently named as 4k is also known as Ultra HD. Now don’t expect to go to your SHIELD TV and start playing because there’s a catch.

What’s The Catch?

You’d better be the proud owner of a Sony 4K UHD TV from 2015 or 2016. In other words, you can only access Ultra if you own one of the 2015 Bravia 4K TVs in the X850C, X900C, X930/940C series or if you own one of Sony’s even newer HDR 4K TVs in the 2016 X850D or X930/940D model lineups.

Okay I Meet It, What Can I Watch?

Now if you meet all these requirements let me continue, the pricing for Sony’s ULTRA service is quite different. Being small, but growing choice of 4K movies on the Ultra App for Sony Android TV offers some great native 4K resolution or remastering from celluloid (for older titles) and it also features HDR technology which promises even more stunning picture quality in Sony’s HDR-capable 4K TVs.

Right now the available titles for Ultra include some great selections like Concussion with Will Smith and others like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Looper, After Earth, Elysium, Total Recall, Fury, Battlefield Los Angeles, several children’s movies and the entire Men In Black Trilogy. Increasing the small collection of 4K content, especially 4K HDR content for owners of such tvs. But then again it’s limited to just Sony TVs so sorry 4k tv owners with a SHIELD TV.


Now this is where I don’t get why Sony would do this $30 a movie is a bit much especially when they’re competing with 4K Blu-Ray, which is about the same price if not a little less and you get more, and a Blu-ray will look better than streaming. Even Amazon sells them at under 30 and throws in a free digital version as seen below.


Streaming subscriptions are definitely the way to go until 4k reaches 1080p popularity levels. However, not all looks dim in Sony’s promotion strategy for Ultra. The service supports Hollywood’s UltraViolet initiative, meaning that subscribers can also stream Sony Pictures content that has been bought from other Ultraviolet-compatible sellers like Vudu, CinemaNow and Fandango Now. Sony will also allow customers who already have pre-existing Full HD Sony Pictures or Ultraviolet movies upgrade to their UHD versions for a discount of $15 to $17 if the larger resolution is available for a particular title. Sony owners who get to use the service let us know how it is in the comments below.

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