Spotify for Android TV Gets Voice Search In Latest Update

Spotify the streaming service that started back in April 2006 has issued an update(0.7.3) to its relatively new Android TV App, and it added one of the main grips I initially had with it when it was released at Google I/O silently this year. That is as you can guess is voice search and to even sweeten the deal it isn’t a half-baked Netflix like solution it’s actually system wide as you can see in the screenshots below.


This is a huge step for subscribers who are part of the Android TV platform as the convenience of music at the sound of your voice makes this seem so effortless for when you want just to throw something on without fiddling and navigating through tons of menus. Now looking further into the update there’s one small thing that can be used to improved to app’s aesthetic, and that’s to fix this ↓ because as you can see this is a mess, at least do a blur; hopefully this is fixed in the next update. In addition, unlike on your other device with Google Now you can’t say Play [Artist,Album, Song] otherwise it will open YouTube and play it, as of right now there seems to be no way to adjust this so you must just say the [Artist,Album, Song] and then go to the Spotify cards and click and it plays.



Still it’s progress and I’m already find it a lot more useful for just about everything making it one less UI i have to navigate and one more thing I can summon with the press of a button and the sound of my voice. If you haven’t download it below.


Anthony Garera

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