[Amazon VOD] Is it finally here on Android TV?


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A few days ago, the Amazon Instant Video for Android TV app was updated on Sony Android TVs. A kind soul, Francois Roy, was nice enough to upload the APK to APKMirror.com . Nothing groundbreaking here as this is now common practice with new APKs. However, it was quickly discovered that this APK could be installed onto other non-Sony Android TVs and will function perfectly, even showing up natively in the home launcher. I have been enjoying Prime content all morning!

Sorry for potato quality, The Amazon app does not allow screenshots taken in app.
Sorry for potato quality, The Amazon app does not allow screenshots taken in app.

Now, it is not quite clear what this means just yet. This has happened in the past seemingly by accident, and within a few days Amazon killed the access to content from non-Sony Android TVs. However, there have been recent rumors that the Amazon Instant Video for Android TV app could be making its way to Shield TVs. Could this finally be the beginning of the end of Amazon stonewalling Android TV? Or was this just a mistake that will be quickly corrected in the near future? I am hoping for the former, though, when I signed in on my Shield TV (also confirmed working on the Nexus Player, though YMMV- Razer confirmed not working) it did give me confirmation that my Sony TV was now activated. Also, some of the navigation seems to be tailored to a Sony Android TV remote. This makes me lean towards the latter. We shall soon find out.

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  • Craig

    Amazon Instant Video? Heck I’ve been waiting for Vudu to be submitted to the Play Store for the Nexus Player forever now! And they have zip for excuse as to why it hasn’t been!

    • Kawshik Ahmed

      VUDU provide TV apps to their certified partners. Android manufacturer like Nvidia,Sony,Sharp and Philips have contract with them so all 4 this manufacturer now have VUDU app.
      Google have to make contract with VUDU to get the app in Nexus Player.

  • Kawshik Ahmed

    This Amazon app is extracted by Reddit member nyteryder79 from his Sony Bravia x850c (US Model).
    He should get some credit.

    The actual Reddit Thread:

    • Francois Roy

      Yeah, nobody else in da world has this TV.. 😉

      • Kawshik Ahmed

        The app was updated few weeks ago but until the reddit post the apk was never spread.
        Someone from the Reddit thread uploaded the app in APKMirror

        • Francois Roy

          It’s actually a G+ post that brought my attention onto this, and that one post linked directly to some Dropbox (skipping Reddit altogether) so I guess the OP deserves some credit for the discovery.
          That being said, I didn’t trust the original share because it was packaged in a zip file, which I considered very suspicious.
          I usually never use the built-in smart side of the TV; not only am I a Netflix 4K loyalist, but I have the 500gb SATV model with over 120gb worth of games. Going back to Sony’s implementation feels like a punishment. XD

  • virduk

    Hmm. Well it doesnt work with my Nexus player running Nougat. Installs and registers all fine just when I go to play a video I get an ‘unable to play your video at this time’ error.

    • Yeah it’s not clear whether the Shield was whitelisted as a device or if video playback will only work on ARM processors. (The NP has an x86 processor.)

  • Francois Roy

    I am being told it doesn’t work with Nexus Players, which had to be expected since it has a x86 SoC.
    More interestingly, tho, it doesn’t appear to be compatible with the Forge TV.. and I have a much harder time explaining that one.

  • Misfit410

    It worked on my shield for about a day the started spitting out errors when I try to watch something.