[Poll Results] Do any of the games you currently play use Cloud sync?

What is cloud syncing in games?

Google Games is Google’s platform for game developers, making it easy for developers to add common features to games such as achievements and leaderboards. These features can work for a game across your laptop, phone, and Android TV. Achievements and leaderboards are useful features that can keep gamers engaged and provide something for them to return to time and time again. These achievements and leaderboards are served by Google and are accessed from all your devices. That way you can earn some achievements on your phone and some achievements on your TV and they’ll contribute to a unified gamer profile.

While that’s great for some types of games, it may be insufficient in many types of games. When you’re playing a platformer, you may want to save what level you’re on, or how many coins you’ve collected. Google Games has another feature called Saved Games that allows developers to store any type of data and have it accessible across all a user’s devices. Developers don’t have to worry about hosting their own saved games mechanism

The Saved Games service gives you a convenient way to save your players’ game progression to Google’s servers. Your game can retrieve the saved game data to allow returning players to continue a game at their last save point from any device.
-Saved Games documentation

You can start a game on your phone and continue it at night on your TV seamlessly. When you upgrade your phone, you don’t have to worry about restarting all your games from the beginning. It works really well and it’s great to see that feature available in games.

Do you use Saved Games? Our poll results are posted below from 101 participants.

Poll Results Cloud Sync

Most people are aware of it and play at least one game with that feature. Maybe some of them use to play games between devices. I have used it with Riptide GP2 between several of my devices just because I have the same Google account on all of them. Let us know about your gaming experiences in the comments below.

For those who haven’t heard of it, I hope the explanation above gave a good indication of what it is and why it’s really useful in a multi-device world.

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