Now Supports Android TV is something that I expect not a lot of people have heard but with my short time with it I see the huge potential it has especially in a business setting.


Now you see this was meant for one time setup and forget as all controls can be controlled on a PC so all your Android TV device is being used for is the connected part of the display. Now to navigate this menu it required the mouse feature of the Shield controller so not the most convenient but it’s possible and you could plug a mouse in if need be for the one time setup. Now before you even get to this screen you’re going to need to install 2 APK’s from their site here. And then login so it detects your account.


And now that you’re done with setup you’ll be good to go and be able to display any of your setups you’ve made. For the purpose of this review I used a stock one as seen in the video below, there was smooth transitions and after the first time running there was no delay in loading assets after each slide since they were cached.Now obviously this isn’t for consumers but at businesses small and large and the only need is an Android TV device or you can buy their specialized hardware with everything pre-installed but believe it or not it’s pretty pricey with the entry level hardware being at $165 and the high end going up to $695. So you can see where you can get a multi purpose device like a Nexus Player, Mi Box, Forge TV (Hey it’s a use!) or possibly if you’re feeling good a NVIDIA SHIELD.

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