LG Announces Massive New Ultra-wide Monitor With Built-in Google Cast

This year LG is set to release the world’s largest curved Ultra-wide display, it comes in the form of 38 inches of pure behemoth screen the 38UC99, is capable of 4K-quality video, producing ultra-wide images at a resolution of 3840 x 1600. In addition the monitor’s also the first of its class to feature a USB-C port, and comes with two Bluetooth speakers packed inside its body.The other 2 is where Google Cast comes in to play, well at least 1 for now. Will we see ultrawide support come in a future update to cast enabled devices so those of us with Ultrawides can enjoy the cast life? As of now we can only confirm the flat panel 34 inch will have Google Cast built-in, the curved is remained to be seen until we hear back from LG officially. So stay tuned!

Anthony Garera

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