Three New Games Make Their Debut This Week On The Nvidia Shield TV And Some SHIELD Sales

This week, three new games are coming to SHIELD TV and two to Android:


Deadlight: Director’s Cut

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In Deadlight: Director’s Cut, it’s 1986 and the world has been ravaged by a zombie outbreak. The few survivors struggle to survive, by any means necessary, amongst the remains of human civilization. You are one such survivor – Randall Wayne, an introverted and slightly paranoid young man who is searching the destroyed streets of Seattle in hopes of finding his loved ones. So far playing this gem of a game it’s been fun to pick up and play after a long day with having to get into it like you would a title such as RPG like game. The Director’s Cut edition features a number of enhancements over the original Deadlight release, including improved controls, visuals and an entirely new game mode. The game has launched on the GeForce NOW store for 15% off ($16.99) and includes a Steam digital key for PC download.

Developer Page:

Auralux Constellations

Auralux Constellations is the awaited sequel to Auralux, the critically acclaimed minimalistic Real Time Strategy game, is coming to SHIELD. Start with a single planet. Then, upgrade, expand, and attack until you’ve conquered the entire system. With Auralux: Constellations, for the first time you can play against your friends in local or online multiplayer games. With the horsepower of Tegra X1, Auralux: Constellations on SHIELD features twice the maximum number of units, enabling 6,000 simultaneous units at 60 FPS. The game is currently available on Steam, and is coming to Google Play on today Thursday, August 25 for free (with in-app purchases).

Developer Page:

Mercenary Kings


The last game on the list is not live as of this moment but did have a release date for today when it goes live you’ll see an update in this article, but now on to the plot. Originally a kickstarter project about 3 years ago cleared 50k above its 75k goal and was a successful game that finally is making its way to Android after being on all major platforms minus Xbox.  In this frantic 2D action game, you are part of the Mercenary Kings, the most skilled team of warriors-for-hire on Earth, but when your comrades have fallen and the fearsome forces of CLAW have seized an island-wide top-secret Laboratory Base, you must do what it takes to stop them.As of now it’s available on PC | MAC | LINUX | PS4 and soon Android as soon as the link here is live in the Play Store.

Developer Page:

In addition there’s some SHIELD TV games on sale listed below.

SHIELD Back to School Games Sale Titles (August 23-August 29):

  • Doom 3 – 50% off (now $4.99)


  • Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – 66% off (now $4.99)


  • Parallax – 50% off (now $2.49)


  • Pix the Cat – 50% off (now $2.49)


  • Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut – 50% (now $2.99)


  • Stealth Inc 2 – 50% (now $4.99)


  • Stikbold! – 50% off (now $4.99)


  • Super Meat Boy – 50% off (now $7.49)


  • Ultimate Chicken Horse – 50% off (now $5.99)

And of course if you don’t have a SHIELD TV device you can pick one up here and help us both out.

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