[Interview] Cenda Games Publishes Games for Phones, TVs, VR

When you go to the developer page for Cenda Games, it may seem like another mobile game developer. However, these games are much more than simple mobile games. They’ve been designed to support Android TV, VR, and other platforms.

This seems like a lot of work for an indie developer, so I wanted to learn more about the developer’s motivations behind game development and why they added TV support.

Editor’s Note: The developer’s answers required minor spelling and grammatical corrections. We tried to keep the answers as close to the original as possible.

On the Start of Cenda Games

A frustrating game now gets more complicated
A frustrating game now gets more complicated

You have several games on the Play Store. What first got you into
game development?

It was a coincidence. My friend started programmed his own game and he wanted to do some graphics. It sounds like great challenge to me, so I started learning Photoshop and 3dsmax. The game was not completed, but I learned 3D animation. Over the next 10 years I made many animations, music videos, video, ads, etc.

Three years ago I was contacted by another friend to do graphics for another game. I was very excited, because I really liked it from my previous experience. But game was not completed. So I decided when I have to learn scripting, because I want to finish some game. So I learned Unity and now I can do my own games. So I am not dependent on others and all games can be finished 🙂

How large is your development team? Do you do all the programming,
graphics, and sound?

It is only me, because I don’t have good experience from the past as I
mentioned above. I am doing all of the programming, but I am starting using
more and more free 3D models from the Internet. For example, my latest game
(Mars: New Home) is completely composed of 3D models from Blendswap
and the Unity Asset Store. I only had to do some optimizations or
animations. I am using sound from freesound.org and the music is also free
from the Internet or from my friends.

How do you incorporate Google Play Games into your games?

I am not using any special functions, just the high score and achievements for now.

On Developing Games for Different Form Factors

Toy Story 4: Paper Airplanes are also Alive
Toy Story 4: Paper Airplanes are also Alive

You have games that work on tablets, TVs, and VR headsets. How do
you optimize the experience to each platform?

It was little bit tricky from the start. But I developed a framework so
every game I make is TV ( also Apple TV 🙂 ) / VR / mobile ready
without too much effort. My games are sharing 90 – 95% of code even
they are absolutely different.

Based on your own feedback, is there a difference in how players
play in VR or TV versus a phone?

Yes, it is sometimes a very hard decision on how to design games for all
platforms and stay with similar difficulty. For example, Mars: New Home
is much easier to play with VR than with TV on a gamepad. It is
a completely different enjoyment. I recommend you try both.

On Android TV and the Future

It's a lovely day for a drive
It’s a lovely day for a drive

What advice do you have for other developers who are on the fence
about supporting Android TV?

It is very easy to do support for Android TV when you have the game for
mobile already. You have to just add support for gamepads. It also
brings new players to the mobile version. And when you do it smart, you
can have only one version of the APK for both.

What’s next for Cenda Games?

Now I am hard at work on reusability code across all my projects and
I am nearly done. And what’s next? I am doing more projects
because it is much more fun for me. So here is my current roadmap.

  • Support VR for Trabi vs Zombies and polish this game (80%)
  • New environment for Mars: New Home (10%)
  • Rewrite and polish my first published game Froggie Jump and add
    support for TV / VR of course 🙂 (60%)

I have also many ideas for new games which are waiting for right time.


After my interview, I was impressed by this person’s dedication and love for game development. If you want to try out any of his games, they are free to download on the Google Play Store. There are some ads.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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