Check out Magisto for Android TV

Magisto puts you the director’s chair, you decide the theme, you decide the music, you get control. With your building custom content which you can share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms.  They made Google’s list of Best Android Apps for 2015, Google Plays Editors Choice, they have been featured as the CES best app of the year.

It’s much like the Google Photo assistant, where they analysis your photos and videos from a trip or event and build a custom video. This puts your more in control.

Making a movie is really easy. I tried it on an Android phone, and their website.  You upload the pictures or moves you want. They even have a built-in Google Drive support so you can access all the photos you uploaded to Google Photos.

One limitation of a free account is that it only lets you use 10 pictures or movies at a time.

This app is only for displaying the movies you have made. You can view any of your movies or any others content.  This is a good option for family photos from vacations, making the movies on your phone and displaying them on your large TV to show the rest of the family, or upload it to YouTube and share with everyone.

Adrian Dunham

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