Nest Platform moving to Google, sign of more IoT?


When Google rebranded and restructured their organization, Google became their own company with along with many assets that Google controlled under the new parent company, Alphabet.

One of these companies that was taken out from under Google’s control was Nest. Nest has had their share of issues along the way. Recently Nest made the move to be back under Google’s control. This could be a sign that Android and Project Brillo is about to make its way in more devices with an in-house IoT(Internet of Things) division, using the Nest name.

One option that could come from the move is Google Home, the Amazon Echo rival. Google Home can be expanded to have very tight integration with the already existent Android ecosystem. Taking what experience that Nest has with building IoT devices they can expand more with their products and continue building Google Home into their devices. All of the Nest products already have speaks, a microphone, and an internet connection all you need for a Google Home device with Google Assistant.  Expanding Google Home into more IoT devices, covering Google Cast Devices, along with the TV and Android TV devices.

After the Tony Fadell left Nest,  Ex-Motorola Marwan Fawaz took over as CEO of Nest in hopes to bring it back. He has had limited success. With this move, Nest is coming under the control of Hiroshi Lockheimer, the SVP of Android, Chrome OS and Google Play. With his expertise, he has the ability to make Nest a good solution for Google’s IoT division.

Adrian Dunham

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