Poll Results – Which OEM do you want to announce a new Android TV?

The holiday season is coming up and there’ll be plenty of companies looking to announce new finished products that individuals will be able to buy. It’s rumored that Google will announce a number of new products in the coming weeks.

But while companies are often tight-lipped about their product ahead of time, we wanted to do an informal poll of readers about which manufacturers they’d be most excited about producing hardware. We know Xiaomi is producing a new device, and NVIDIA may be doing that as well. But what other companies do readers want to see next? Users could check multiple, so we collected 71 votes from 58 readers.

Pie Chart - OEMs

From this data, we could see readers are most interested in a sequel to the Nexus Player, perhaps one that may be more competitive with the Shield TV. Google wouldn’t be producing their own television, so they’d manufacture some sort of set-top box. This could be some sort “Pixel Player”, using the new rumored branding.

Samsung was a second, although not a particularly close second. Their televisions are either dumb monitors or running their smart TV OS Tizen. It’s a Linux-based independent operating system that Samsung has had a big hand in developing. It’s meant to be a way to compete with Google’s Android OS and Google’s mobile services. While Tizen on phones has not done well, it has worked on televisions. If these could move to Android TV and have a good app ecosystem that would be a formidable force.

LG comes in at a far third. They have adopted Mozilla’s Web OS, on which developers can build apps. It’s designed to be a lightweight interface without a lot of Google’s unique capabilities or platforms. If Android TV had less overhead, it may be able to run more optimally on lower-powered systems, reducing the price of their smart TVs and providing a different user experience.

One Plus and Comcast nearly tie for second-to-last. Comcast has already been experimenting with integrating live TV with Andrioid, as they showed off at an expo in May. What if Comcast ditched their cable platform and built one from the ground up? Every family gets this Android TV box that runs a ton of games. It’d be a quick way to dominate the game console market due to Comcast’s experience with delivering one and installing it in your home.

Lenovo, which now owns Motorola, almost ties with Comcast. Motorola has tried to keep a strong connection with Google even after they were resold. They even designed the Nexus 6 phone. However, it seems like many readers seem to believe Motorola should stick to phones.

What other companies may express an interest in building an Android TV device, whether it is a set-top box or a full television set? Let us know in the comments below.

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Edit: Previously LG TVs were mistakenly said to run Firefox OS instead of Web OS. This has been corrected.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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