PuppetMaster.TV Returns to the Play Store with a Kodi-like Repository System

PuppetMaster.TV had some issue with Google Play’s policies and about two weeks ago moved to a system completely independent from the store. This was not ideal as they lost Google Play’s discovery, and so the developers have redesigned the app to resolve the issue without hindering the app’s features.

Announced yesterday, all of the featured content in the app has been removed. Although all of the video sources were free to play, they did not endorse the app. So when you first install the app now, it will be devoid of content. Similar to Kodi, you will have to add access to certain collections of content.

The repository of content that existed previously can now be pulled with the tag REKODI.

This model can be used in the future to not just install a single source but many sources at a time, like a collection of radio stations from around the world. Perhaps content creators can offer bundles of their own content with a simple tag. It is reminiscent of the other developer’s app #SIDELOADTAG.

PuppetMaster.TV! is free to download from the Google Play Store. It’s using a new package name, so the store listing is new.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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