[Review] ABZÛ The Underwater Eye Candy Adventure

After spending a little bit of time with ABZÛ one of the newest games on SHIELD’s GeForce Now game streaming service I’ve come to a sudden conclusion that I didn’t know I wanted something like this till I got something like this. At first you’ll start above the surface and see a very cartoon sky but don’t sweat it you won’t be spending most of your time up here. You’ll first swim down into the ocean and if you’re like me you’ll be blown away by the vast amount of detail of an underwater game. After taking that in your not given too much direction other than this is how you swim, so question is what do I do? Answer: EXPLORE! No seriously look around take it in and learn about the amount of fish that you had no idea existed. Without giving much away I’ll say you’ll need to look for some “helpers” because as a lone diver you can’t make it everywhere on your own.


Now what you do is up to you there’s no timers or anything forcing you to move to an area and the game likes to take you from  area to area in speed tunnels that you can move around in and after 1 or 2 you just get flat lost in the details put into the game and feel like you’re looking for a lost treasure. Now in these speed tunnels there’s a reoccurring thing  I’ve noticed and that is hieroglyphics on the walls as if you were in Egypt, they mean something but that you must find out. Alongside this you’re greeted by one of the most soothing and epic sound tracks that in many ways draws similarities to Halo’s famous soundtracks. In the year of space games promoting an open expansive experience to pull you in it’s ABZÛ that really takes the cake and gets my vote for this years exploration GOTY.

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Final Thoughts

With great accessibility to almost all platforms minus the Xbox which I hope changes soon I think ABZÛ has hit the nail on the head and provided us gamers with a niche we didn’t know we wanted yet. ABZÛ is out on PS4, Steam, and GeForce Now ( which includes a Steam key as well) for the low price of $20 so if you’ve been on the edge about picking a exploration game I’d say its worth the investment and definitely helps if you feel you’re getting gamer burnout because it’s more eye candy and very relaxing. I’d give this game a 9 out of 10.

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