[Rumor] October 4th Pixel Phone ,4K Chromecast, DayDream VR And Google Home Will Arrive

According to a report over at Android Police we may soon have some new Google toys to play with from all different parts of the Android ecosystem and an event that doesn’t coincide or happen before the latest release of Android. The first 2 are the long rumored Nexus but now supposedly Pixel phones.  Next a 4K Chromecast( Name TBD: 3rd gen or UHD maybe Pixel Stick or Pixel Cast? ) which was rumored last year but I assumed scraped because it wouldn’t meet Google’s vision in time. 3rd the long awaited Google Home and round up the end is Daydream VR ( Daydream View). Outside of this not much is known according to the report not even the site of the event. With a month to go though I’m sure more new will surface and we’ll know a lot going into it if it’s anything like last years reporting of the Nexus event.

Now all these devices are great and everyone loves Chromecast but it’s got me thinking since the Nexus brand appears to be going away and the Nexus Player was discontinued  what will replace it as Google will need a reference device. Will there be another surprise Pixel device this year like their was last year with the Pixel C? Pixel Player anyone? Or will Google entrust OEM’s with the platform and only offer guidance kind of like Android Wear has been, speaking of where did those Nexus/Pixel watches go? Or my personal assumption is they’ll partner with NVIDIA since NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV is ruling the ring with Android TV and seems to hit every check box while blowing other platforms out of the water like Roku and Fire TV. If you’ve got any other theories let us know in the comments below.


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