Technicolor Announces SKIPPER STB based on Android TV

Android TV gets another big device launch for users in the Netherlands. OEM Technicolor recently announced a new cable box based on Android TV that would not just provide pay-TV services, but integrate with Internet-based content and services called the SKIPPER. It will have the strong security as well as it is the first Android TV device to be certified by Nagra.

These NAGRA security guidelines allows them to make sure – in negotiations – that they can distribute blockbuster movies to the home. They have the opportunity to have the full extent of their 4K content without any limit, creating a more open world where the device will be enabling new services.

Traditionally in the set-top box market when you were using monolithic software to add a new service, it could take a year to a-year-and-a half to enable the services on the set-top box. As a result, this segment of the market was always catching up to what was happening in the computer, tablet, and smartphone market.

By having NAGRA-certified Android TV™ capabilities in the device, it means that service providers can introduce – or enable — new services more dynamically. If the end user wants to have access to, there’s an app for that. If they want to have the Pokémon Go game also on their TV, they can put it in immediately, without going through the lengthy process of revalidating – that’s where the Android™ is fantastic.
Gaëtan Delcroix, VP of Customer Product Management at Technicolor’s Connected Home Division

Using Android TV as the underlying operating system will improve the user experience by not only offering an improved user interface, but allowing consumers to pick their content quicker. Internet providers don’t have to write a custom application for a specific cable box, just an Android app that can be deployed on mobile and TVs.

The product was first demoed last week at the IBC, International Broadcasting Convention, although there has not been any information about a public release of the device.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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