Twitter FireTV APK Is Android TV Compatible

If you heard about how Twitter was intending to Pivot and expand their platform to live streaming sports then you’d expect them to make it accessible on all Set top box platforms right? Well almost, but technically yes for the most part. By this I mean there’s no Android TV version officially up in the Play Store but don’t worry this is where Android TV’s Cousin platform the Fire TV comes into play. We’ve seen it before with Twitch before the came to the Android TV platform. Fire TVs uses APKs and Android TV uses APKs and you can kill two birds with one stone and just develop for one and with very little code changes for platform specifics have one code base run on both.

So the Twitter APK for Fire TV was tested and it works! So now you can watch anything they stream on your TV with a native UI. And it’s not only live broadcasts but also Periscope and Vine videos! Unfortunately, there’s no login right now so you don’t get to see your personal feed of any of the three services just the featured and trending. Hopefully that comes in an update or in the official Android TV version sometime down the road.  Now as you can expect live channels support is MIA because it simply doesn’t exist on Fire TV and in the future it would be stupid of them not to integrate such a feature because those 3 platforms within the app are perfect for it. So when it comes to our platform and they don’t have it on launch be sure to let them know we want it.

It can be sideloaded from APK Mirror.

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