Vizio Debuts Google Cast Multi-Room Speakers Starting at $249

Today Vizio has announced a new selection of home speakers with integrated Google Cast, the SmartCast Crave 360 and the SmartCast Crave Pro. These new speakers are designed as potential competition to Sonos (and others) but really just Sonos, offering multi-room functionality and a few more things.

 The $249 SmartCast Crave 360 is a portable speaker boasting omni-directional 2.1 audio which can output up to 95db of sound. The speaker promotes 8 hours of battery life, and has broken the tradition of a USB cable to charge allowing for a sleeker design of the speaker by being charged via a wireless charging base.

The $299 Crave Pro is slightly louder, but also adds dual-subwoofers for better bass. Both speakers have a touch panel which can be turned to adjust volume levels or tapped/swiped for playback control.

To top Sonos you’re going to have to out market them and Vizio’s team is ready for the challenge, making sure to promote both speakers can be Wifi (Google Cast) or Bluetooth compared to Sonos only having a proprietary Wifi solution. Also they promote how all their favorite services already work with Casting like Play Music, Spotify, etc; Vizio will also be offering an app to control the speakers.

 The SmartCast Crave 360 is available today from Vizio’s website as well as Sam’s Club. The SmartCast Crave Pro will be available “soon” only from the company’s website. When we learn of more retailers carrying it and when the Crave Pro has a release date you’ll know here.

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