The Weather Network Launches DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion For Their Android TV App

The Weather Network is an industry leader in multi-platform local weather information services and today announced that it is enabling DoubleClick’s Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solution for its Android TV app.  DoubleClick DAI allows advertisers to dynamically target The Weather Network’s Android TV audience.

Since their Android TV app supports both direct and programmatic sales, DoubleClick’s DAI technology provides the ability to fill ad breaks with the most relevant ad based on geographic location using DoubleClick For Publishers. How do these work together? Individual streams are provided to each household using server side ad insertion technology, which allows broadcasters to dynamically insert highly targeted video ads for smart TV’s and set top boxes through IPTV. According to Peentoo Patel, Senior Product Manager for DoubleClick “The Weather Network continues to innovate with adopting industry first technologies to deliver great user experiences. We’re proud of our partnership to help enable their OTT app to offer advertisers addressable advertising options through DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion”. So if you’re a developer and you want your ad supported app to be less intrusive and more helpful to your customers then I suggest looking at this app for the latest and greatest coming down the pipeline.


The Weather Network app for Android TV allows for rapid discovery of local, detailed and personalized weather products including on-demand video, user generated content and a variety of maps.



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