Facebook (Finally) Now Lets Cast Videos To Your TV

Facebook really likes being the center of attention, like really badly and slowly they’re sticking their hands in anything which is fine because they’re allowed to do that and competition is good. Over the past year they’ve been feuding with YouTube in a direct and indirect way. Direct through competition for the superior video and video sharing platform, now obviously the quality of content and quantity is more massive on YouTube but really what Facebook is looking to capture is the viral video segment and indirectly this has upset some You-tuber’s when they’re not properly credit and someone else takes credit and get the ad revenue. They want something done but the big blue F won’t do anything about it because it will hurt them, and of course some people do credit to the original so it’s not all taboo.

Anyway on to what has come around this week is something desktop has had for a while and if you use the web app you’ve actually had it but if you use the client for Android or iOS then Casting is new for you! Wanna toss that viral video up on the big screen just tap the cast button and go, easy as that.¬†You can keep scrolling through the feed and using Facebook while the video continues to stream. Allowing Facebook to become both the first and second screen. Why it took a company like Facebook so long is beyond me but hey it’s here!

Anthony Garera

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