FCC’s Cable App Plan Delayed

The FCC has spent the past many months looking at the consumer complaints about cable and trying to solve them with a number of proposals. Specifically, they center around the cable box: an expensive box which is underpowered and provides poor user experiences. Their most recent proposal was to mandate cable providers create apps for specific platforms that will enable users to watch on more devices than just their cable box.

While this plan was met with opposition from some cable companies, it did seem like a progressive goal that was where the cable industry was headed regardless. By standardizing the rules, it would help consumers understand how they can watch content without small loopholes. However, the vote for the proposal has been delayed as particular details are fine-tuned.

One major part of this plan revolves around which devices will have to have apps. A licensing board is to be created to establish the rules that streaming boxes would need to follow in order to be able to stream shows. Although this board would set the rules, they could be vetoed by the FCC.

Although the vote on the plan was supposed to be last week, there will be more discussions and compromises for the time being. Hopefully the government and the cable industry will be able to resolve these differences soon so that streaming boxes can start to provide better user experiences.

Header photo credit: U.S. Mission Photo/Eric Bridiers

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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