The First Google Play Indie Game Festival Announced its Winners

At the end of September Google announced the winners to the first Google Play Indie Game Festival. The winners include three puzzle games. Ironically enough because you can never have enough puzzle games.

One is a bit bit blocks a multi-player puzzle game. In this game, you play someone on the other side of your device and you make squares and kind of like a two player Tetris.

Numbo Jumbo is a number puzzle game. You are given a grid of numbers and you have to connect the numbers to create the last number in the line.

Orbit is a new concept of game where you have a black hole and you have to flick the planets around and get the in a stationary orbit around this black hole.

Congratulations to these three winners. There apps are currently in the play store and the links are below.

Play Store Link bit bit blocks

Play Store Link Numbo Jumbo

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