Running List of #SIDELOADTAG Tags

#SIDELOADTAG is an app from the developers of PuppetMaster.TV which uses TinyUrl shortlinks to quickly install apps on your phone or on your Android TV. Instead of dealing with copying a file onto a USB drive or using Google Drive, you just type in a short, 6-character tag in a dialog box to download and install the app. This article will serve as a running list of tags which users can enter.

The app is free to download on Google Play, and is open source on GitHub. You can also get involved in the Google+ Community.

Twitter Live TWTFRE

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The Twitter Live app gives you access to all of Twitter’s media in an attractive television-optimized interface. You can watch live shows and view the top moments, Vines, and Periscopes of the day. It all works without a Twitter account.

Google Drive HF29B9C

Google Slides GSLIDESV16

Google Chrome JCBCQXR

Google Drive
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Google has been slowly improving DPAD support in some of their Android apps. This is a combination of better supporting Chromebooks and the Pixel C as well as better supporting VR and VR controllers. Either way, these changes also improve the Android TV apps. None of these work perfectly on a TV yet, but they work well enough. If you want to use any of these, the tags may be the simplest way to download.


Although the layout was not designed for Android TV, the app’s free VPN service works just as you’d expect.

Amazon Instant Video AMZNIVID


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Amazon Instant Video is Amazon’s Video-on-demand service which has a number of content partners as well as some high-quality exclusive shows. We have discussed it several times, along with a handful of hacks. The Amazon app can be sideloaded onto certain devices, based on the app exclusive to Sony TVs, and it will work. It definitely works on the NVIDIA Shield TV, although other devices have had mixed results.

Even some users disagree on whether it works on their specific hardware. That’s to be expected as the app isn’t meant to work on these devices.


Google Chrome JCBCQXR

Firefox Beta FFXBTA

Opera Beta OPRBETA

sideloadtag opera beta

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