Sony Firmware Update v3.509 Available for UK, Ireland TVs

Very recently Sony issued a firmware update for Sony Android TVs in the UK and Ireland. This is separate from an operating system update, but it should still provide more stability and bug fixes, but at a lower levels.

This firmware (v3.509) is only applicable for the UK and Ireland.

Customers unaffected by a juddering issue on 4K TVs when using a UHD Set-top box, are not required to download this update.
The previous firmware (v.3473) is available to download here.

This information is applicable for the following TV models:

KD-55S8505C / S8005C
KD-65S8505C / S8005C
KD-43X8301C / X8305C / X8307C / X8308C / X8309C
KD-49X8301C / X8005C / X8305C / X8307C / X8308C / X8309C
KD-55X8501C / X8005C / X8505C / X8507C / X8508C / X8509C / X9005C / X9305C
KD-65X8501C / X8505C / X8507C / X8508C / X8509C / X9005C / X9305C
KD-75X8501C / X8505C / X9105C / X9405C

The only mentioned change in this update is that it “reduces juddering issue on 4K TVs when using a UHD Set-top box”. This is certainly a useful thing to have for any 4K television set.

You can visit the link above for more information on the download and installation process if you have one of the models above.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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