How to watch Wednesday’s debate on Android TV

If you’re one of those Android TV users who love politics but ditched your paid TV service, you might be wondering how you’ll watch the next Presidential Debate this upcoming Wednesday. (Wait, how did you watch the last ones?) Let’s take a look at a couple of options. The first is a reliable YouTube stream, the second a less reliable app that gives you just a little bit extra.

The good ol' days.
The good ol’ days.

NBC News’s YouTube Channel
Your most reliable option is YouTube. Many networks and channels will be streaming the debate but NBC News is a safe bet. Why YouTube? They have the streaming infrastructure and app reliability you’ll want if you’re hosting friends or don’t want to be left dealing with app crashes during a fiery exchange. Since it can be a bit slower to search from Android TV, we recommend searching for the stream from a phone or tablet and casting it to your Android TV.



CBS News App
Our second recommendation brings a bit more to the table with a bit of added risk. Though the app has been known to crash on occasion it’s stability has improved over time. CBS News‘s live feed provides pre and post coverage of the debate which includes a panel of undecided voters and select tweets that appear below the debate stream.


These are just two options and more are available if you do some digging.  Just make sure to test them out before you’re stuck scrambling at the last minute.

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