YouTube Go Comes To India For Quick Viewing & Offline First

Google announced another YouTube app to along with YouTube App collection consisting of the Main YouTube, YouTube for Android TV, YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music, and YouTube Creator. This time, the focus of the app is view videos while on the go, IE YouTube Go. A Googler got this idea when visiting India and saw the people there using a 2G connection to watch YouTube videos. I don’t know if you have ever tried to watch a YouTube video on a 2G connection, but its slow and takes forever to finally watch, but when it does you can say hi to the pigs flying over you. Because of this, the developers at YouTube created the YouTube Go app for India made to be offline first. After months of testing and tweaking the YouTube Go app was born. The YouTube Go app was designed to be offline first by downloading the videos you want to watch when you have wi-fi so you can view them on the go. Another feature that has been added to this app is that you can share your downloaded videos with friends nearby. Maybe some tech from this experiment can make its way into the main YouTube app and benefit us Cast and Android TV users. If you’re in India and want to join the beta this app check out


Adrian Dunham

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