Announcing Two New TV Utilities: Launch on Boot and Enterprise Wi-Fi

Over the past month the Interactive Tv Lab has been iterating on several experimental TV apps, some of which are now live on the Google Play Store for download. These two apps, small utilities, should provide small improvements to your TV experience and fill in gaps in the actual platform.

Launch on Boot

Launch on Boot

On Google TV, there was a way to launch a specific app when the device booted. By default the device would display the TV stream, making the OS feel more like an overlay on top of your television than something completely isolated.

Android TV will simply just display the launcher on a reboot, a small distraction for users expecting to see TV and annoying for individuals using Android TV as a dumb kiosk displaying a single video or stream.

This app allows the user to select a specific app to open when the device boots. It’s just that simple. Any leanback-enabled app can be opened. Alternatively, the default TV app can be opened, returning you to the channel you just saw.

You can check out the source code on GitHub.

Enterprise Wi-Fi

Enterprise Wifi

Android TV does not by default have a user interface for setting up Enterprise Wi-Fi networks. These networks, use the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), a framework for authenticating your device with the Wi-Fi network by providing both a username and password.

These types of networks are common at businesses, where only particular users should be accessing the network, or at universities where content is audited.

As stated above, though there is no user interface for connecting to these networks, the system has APIs for programmatically connecting. To aid those in the situations above, this app provides a useful interface for making connections.

There is another app that fulfills this need on Android TV, although I have found a number of issues with how it works.

You can check out the source code on GitHub.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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