First Look at the Vimeo App for Android TV

The Vimeo team recently visited the Android TV subreddit to share some news about the Vimeo app as well as give users access to start using the beta. What’s in the beta? The newest feature is an Android TV interface that lets users view the latest videos on their TV.

In a recent article regarding Vimeo’s upcoming subscription service, I noted that “if they were to continue developing into a full streaming service, streaming boxes would likely be an area for them to focus”. Now, it seems that Vimeo is continuing to develop their service to potentially compete with services like Netflix.

Greetings beta testers! Welcome to Android TV!
This is the first beta build of Vimeo on Android TV. With it, you can:
+ access to all of the incredible videos on Vimeo
+ search for videos, people, and channels
+ build your own Feed by following categories, channels, and people
+ view your Vimeo On Demand purchases and your Watch Later list
+ access your own profile and videos
We’d love to hear your feedback!

Hands On



When you first open the app, there are a handful of categories. The first is Editor’s Picks. From here you can look at all of the top videos that have been uploaded recently. The rest of the categories are based on your personal account: favorite videos and channels.

The video player is fairly simple. Much like the rest of the app, it is reminiscent of the standard Leanback UI, but with a few slightly different details. It makes the app look consistent yet with its own unique flair. There are options to like the video and visit the creator’s page, although you may need to login to your account first.

To login, you will need to enter a code in a web browser. It’s a common practice based on many other TV apps. It seems to be highly recommended since a lot of the app’s features are based around an authenticated account. It seems a bit bare otherwise.

Searching is a crucial component that works pretty well. A single search query will return videos, channels, and users, giving you quick access to everything.

Installing the Beta

Vimeo Beta

To get started with the public beta, you can sign up here. Then, after a few minutes, you should be able to visit the Play Store webpage and install the app to your TVs.


Vimeo has spent the past few years building up a strong community of creators, and it seems like now it is taking the opportunity to develop a better viewing experience for both subscribers and all users ahead of its future plans. The future of Vimeo looks strong, even in the face of competitors like YouTube and Netflix. It wants to find its own niche in indie filmmaking, much like it has its niche now.


With this initial app, it looks like Vimeo is on its way to expanding its audience. Now the question is whether consumers would be willing to pay. It’s something that will have to be seen. Although the app feels a bit empty now, the team promises that “We’ve got tons of other cool features we’re planning to add over the next year so hang tight for more cool stuff.” including Live Channels support.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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