Google Ditches “Google Cast” Branding for Cast devices (TV,Speakers, Android TV)

Google is perhaps the king of Silicon Valley when it comes to hit or ditch with its products. Either it hits the gold mine in products like Gmail, Adsense, Chromecast or it ditches them like Wave, gReader, Google TV (R.I.P). Another ditch has been officially added to that list in the form of Google Cast branding for Cast enabled devices. In an exclusive report from Variety Google stated the following statement.

“First, nothing about the technology has changed. We’re rebranding Google Cast to “Chromecast built-in” to help users identify the technology that they’ve come to enjoy and appreciate. The new branding officially starts in 2017, which is why you’ll see it slowly rolling out in the meantime.”

So someone at the marketing or product relations team figured Google Cast wasn’t the best way of going about informing the average Joe about things you can cast to. To correct this error “Chromecast built-in” is coming to the rescue and hearing the name Chromecast will speak to the average consumer better than having to explain what Google Cast Ready means, a conversation I’ve had one too many times, but that’s a story for another day.

If you remember just two weeks ago what was the Google Cast app is now Google Home app. So, still a small amount of confusion there but if you think about it, Google home makes sense because it’s all stuff in your home and you use it to set up these devices, plus Google Home commercials running non-stop helps just a weeee bit.

Lastly Google officially renamed its Google Cast Twitter account to @chromecast. and the Google Home page are making the transition, but Android TV’s page hasn’t yet.

Source: Variety

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