Nest Puts Camera Streams on TV

Back in July, Brian requested Android TV support for Nest’s app in an open letter. It made sense. Nest, a Google company, would add integration with another Google product. Plus, since the Nest Cam is a video product, it fits perfectly with a streaming device like Android TV.

Nest just updated the app with Android TV support, allowing you to stream video to your TV.


Nest Cam customers with Nest Aware can create, save, and share video clips to your phone or share them with family and friends from the Nest app.
View your Nest Cam video feed in fullscreen mode without rotating your phone. Simply tap the down arrow icon below the camera window.
Now you can edit all device Notifications settings from the Home settings menu.
Have Android TV? Try the new Nest app for Android TV and view all of your Nest Cam video feeds right from your TV.

The TV version doesn’t support your thermostat, nor does it support voice actions. Both of these would be really neat features.


You can see streams from all of your Nest cameras. As Brian commented after trying it out, “The only option is a feed of your camera. No live channels no pip no thermostat no nest protect no changing options on the camera no voice control”.

[I]t is pretty disappointing

Hopefully the TV app will receive more features in the future. As it stands it doesn’t do much, and there’s plenty of potential in the future for more control and capabilities. Thermostats and smoke detectors are both family devices, and it stands to reason that all your family devices should be able to interact with each other. What if the app acted as a control center or dashboard for your TV, the entire status of your house on a single screen?

The app is free to download on Google Play, although you’ll need a Nest Cam to really take advantage of it.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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