Sling TV Joins Comcast’s X1 Platform

In a bit of a shocker of a press release Sling TV, one of the first Cable style TV over internet solutions before PS Vue came about and DirectTVNow. They’ve announced that they’ll be joining Comcast’s X1 Platform. The intro paragraph is very confusing considering Comcast is a cable provider, and Sling provides the same channels.

Comcast and Sling TV today announced that Sling TV, the live and on demand Internet TV service, will launch on the X1 platform, giving Comcast’s X1 customers access over the Internet to even more content, including hundreds of new multicultural programs and channels. The companies are working to add Sling TV to X1 and will provide more details when the content is available to customers.

If you read further into the press release, it seems as if they’re not pushing all of Sling TV but specifically the Multicultural packages to supplement Comcast’s existing offerings. Now don’t be alarmed but if you want any other Sling package, you’ll be able to get it on Comcast’s X1 platform.

If you don’t know what X1 is then the following is for you. X1 is a cloud-based platform that combines live TV, on-demand content, a cloud DVR, and streaming video from the web, into one seamless experience. The platform includes a voice remote control as well as Spanish user-interface. X1 is currently available across Comcast’s entire footprint.

Sling integrating with X1 shows they’re willing to go to any platform, but how deep will they integrate, for my sake I hope they take full advantage of each feature on repective platforms like Live Channels for Android TV, TV for Apple TV etc;

Source: Sling Newsroom

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