NVIDIA Shield TV 2 Rumored to be Announced at CES, Come in 2 Sizes

The writers at Android Police have picked up a tip regarding a hardware reboot to NVIDIA’s Shield TV.

Note: This is a rumor; treat it as such.

The announcement will likely happen during the Consumer Electronics Show, an annual mega-convention in Las Vegas. It’s a place where many large tech companies make product announcements and dazzle the crowd with futuristic tech demos. NVIDIA has held large presentations that outline the company’s focus and show off cool demos to keep people excited.

The original Shield TV was announced in March 2015 at the Game Developers Conference, so NVIDIA may announce then or they may do it sooner to gain the media buzz that surrounds CES. In our original prediction, it was guessed that a reboot would come before the end of the year, although that didn’t come true. So, it would be hard to pinpoint the actual date.

Mockup Credit -
Mockup Credit – Android Police

The console and remote will be largely untouched, though the gamepad may feature a significant overhaul. It will be more polygonal an seemingly more ergonomic. The touchpad, which doesn’t really work, is removed and the home/back buttons appear to now be physical buttons. The soft buttons for these important tasks can be a bit touch to hit, especially if you’re trying to hold it down. Two years of public feedback will shape the next generation model. The gamepad is also expected to use Bluetooth 4.1 instead of other wireless protocols. This may allow it to be more portable and pair with other devices.

Another element of these rumors is that this device will come to “two sizes”, similar to the Pro and standard models. It’s probable this will continue, with one having a significant amount of on-board device storage and the other having a small amount. Will it be a 500 GB HDD and 16 GB Flash? Neither option has been particularly fantastic. The hard disk drive is slower to read and write data compared to solid state technology, and 16 GB is hardly adequate for running a bunch of high resolution applications. Maybe it will have a large solid state drive and a medium amount of Flash storage. (200 GB v 32 GB).

Two sizes could also mean two product SKUs, similar to what NVIDIA used for deals. One would have the console and gamepad while the other option would also include a remote control.

The accuracy of any rumor is hard to tell, especially for ones that leave out a lot of details. Will NVIDIA announce the rebooted console to much fanfare at CES? Will the console remain the same only have an updated controller? CES starts January 5th, with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang giving the pre-keynote address the night before.

The company’s CES preview contains an overview video which shows focuses on self-driving cars, VR, and deep learning. The NVIDIA Shield makes an appearance halfway through (with the original controller).

Shield CES

We’ll be watching the keynote and let you know if anything exciting happens.

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