Twitch IRL, Facebook TV, Netflix Reality Series – Cordcutting Stories from Around the Web

Cordcutting has been a continuing phenomenon. It’s not just broadcast companies making their own over-the-top services and streaming content through the web. It’s also new creators and organizations who are trying to get into the media game. This is a recap of the most recent cordcutting news from around the web.

Twitch IRL

Twitch was formed as a site to stream video games, although it was borne out of the site where people could livestream their life, So even as Twitch focused primarily on gaming, there was a small community of assorted streams based on all kinds of things such as cooking.

This is now codified in the new IRL category, which is for people to simply stream their everyday lives. This is similar to Beme, which recently shut down. The app’s concept, letting users easily record and share raw video clips, was interesting, didn’t produce any interesting content.

Still, there may be a niche for this content. Social eating is also a category on Twitch.

Sport Streaming Company will Stream League of Legends Tourneys

BAMTech recently announced a $300 million deal with Riot Games to stream League of Legends tournaments at least through 2023. Revenue will be split between the two companies from advertising and potential sponsorships.

BAMTech is the streaming company that works to put a lot of major sporting leagues online including Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the Professional Golfer’s Association. This deal helps to solidify the legitimacy of e-sports in the competitive world and should help promote the sporting events to newfound fame and prestige.

Today some e-sport events are streamed a lot, but not to the same extent of major sport play-offs such as the Super Bowl. Having better streaming deals (and more promotion) would help to put these games on every screen. Another notable omission are the personal stories. The backstories of many sport characters are told during ad breaks or in sports news. This hasn’t translated to e-sport players to the same extent.

Still, it may be time to get more familiar with these types of competitions. This deal may be significant by itself, but LoL is far from the only e-sport and more deals may be on the way.

Facebook Explores Original Content

Despite Zuckerberg stating Facebook will not become a media company, Facebook is now exploring deals to produce original content. Although Facebook has a way to upload and share video between friends, it’s not at the same caliber as content you may see on Netflix. By providing examples of great content, the company hopes to spur better media among third-parties.

This is still something the company is exploring, and it may not come to fruition.

Starbucks Releases 2nd Original Series: 1st & Main

1st and Main

Starbucks is now another company entering the media landscape with its own short shows. It’s newest, 1st & Main, was written by three of “The Simpsons” writers. It features anthropomorphic animals that work at Starbucks and the customers who drink there.

This series and the first, Upstanders, are both available on YouTube and show how content and brands will continue to be intermixed.

Netflix is Planning 20 Unscripted Shows for 2017

Netflix has been on a roll with top-notch shows, and its collection of original content is continuing to grow. For the upcoming year, this collection is expected to double next year. In addition to scripted series will be a number of unscripted shows.

Chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, says “Unscripted television is a very interesting business”. The focus is on international expansion with localized shows. One, “Ultimate Beastmaster”, is an athletic competition series that will feature international athletes.

Reality content may not appeal to everyone, and Netflix has continued to grow to a number of genres rather than target a specific audience. This broad-based strategy has worked for the company thus far.

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