LG Gives In And Responds To User Complaints, Will Add Google Home And Multi-Room Support To Music Flow speakers

LG released its Music Flow speakers back in 2015 as one of the first third-party systems to take advantage of Google Cast. However, LG has been slow to implement new features, and buyers were beginning to fear LG had abandoned the products. It turns out if you complain enough they will listen!  LG is adding multi-room audio and Google Home support to the Music Flow speakers.

The announcement of an update comes by way of LG’s Music Flow support community. LG posted to let everyone know they can stop posting rants and threats because both multi-room functionality and Google Home commands are coming. That means you’ll be able to create groupings of speakers around your home using the Home app. The Google Home support should allow you to play music to your Music Flow speakers using voice commands. LG says both these updates will be delivered in an OTA by the end of February.

Source: Get Satisfaction 

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