Cyboid is a New FPS Launching Today on Google Play

Cyboid, from R and R Digital, is an FPS which has been available since late last year on Amazon Fire devices, but today the game is launching on Google Play for tablets and TV. In this article we’ll give you an idea of what the game is like and how you can get started with it through our giveaway.

Cyboid Overview

Right off the bat the game is pretty simple. It’s a 3D FPS similar to many others. In single player mode you start out in various stages and try to clear the stage of aliens. You have access to a few weapons and you can collect more through in-app purchases. IAPs can also unlock more stages, items, and monsters giving you greater playability. There is a multiplayer mode, although I did not try that out. It should allow two players to play simultaneously in split-screen.


You can view our playthrough in the video above. I tried out the first two levels, choosing the easiest difficulty. I could increase the difficulty once I get a better understanding of the controls and compare my scores on the global leaderboard (through Google Play Games).

At first I went with the default controls, although I struggled a bit with them. I was confused at first by the game and the controls. I tried to shoot the monsters, but I had trouble aiming. There’s a notable snap when moving the camera around, leaving me unable to hit my targets more frequently then I’d like. Having a sort of crosshair in the middle would help me visually lineup my actions. Also, I realized later on that the monsters shoot projectiles at you, not just melee attacks. It makes it hard to realize what’s happening when you suddenly start losing health because something is behind you or off to the side.

With a bit of experience and being able to adjust the controls to make it work better for me, I had a good time. The monsters lurking in the corners give a bit of a scare. I could see myself putting a lot of time into this game, especially with the multiplayer mode. Multiplayer is not a feature you see in too many games, and having a variety of games to play at parties/events can make it more fun. I brought my Shield to my university’s hackathon and only had a few games that people could play. With a few small tweaks, this could be a pretty entertaining game.


Giveaway: Codes to Redeem Cyboid on Google Play

The game is available right now on Google Play. In fact, it’s currently having a launch sale and is $1 off the normal listing price. We also are holding a giveaway, where we’ll be giving away 10 coupons that you can redeem for the game on Google Play. How do you enter? Check out our widget.

Cyboid for Android TV
Cyboid for Android TV
Price: $0.99+

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