Funimation is working on an Android TV App for Funimation Now

Let’s face it, Anime is king. People love it. People also love CrunchyRoll which has already had an established Android TV app as well as a chromecast feature in their mobile app.
Funimation has a chromecast feature, but no Android TV App. That’s soon to change, as reports from Funimation’s forums state that they are working on an Android TV App.

From their Administrator on their forum thread:


It’s official. We’re building an app for Android TV. 😀 No ETA, of course.

We haven’t heard anything new since then however. I’ve reached out to see if we could get an update on the progress.

Funimation is a leading provider of both Subbed and especially Dubbed Anime. If you watch anime, you certainly know who Funimation is. From their humble beginnings dubbing Dragonball and Dragonball Z to the powerhouse anime exporter they are now, Funimation has always been a go to name for good anime and good dubs. Their Funimation Now platform is similar to Crunchyroll in that it allows you to stream anime wherever and whenever you want. Unlike Crunchyroll, they mostly stream their dubbed video, and have now created “Simul-Dubs” where new anime is dubbed almost two weeks after an episode is released and streamed on their service, Funimation Now.

Source: Funimation Forums