[Review] HueVueTV – Because Why Not

It was many moons ago we had to get up from watching TV and walk over to the switch to turn off the light. Someone didn’t like this so that’s how we got Hue bulbs and someone else didn’t like getting up so they extended it to TV because reaching for your phone would be far too hard and plus the remote is in your hands already!

This wonderful app goes by the name of HueVue TV For Android TV or HueVue TV for short. For owners of Hue bulbs it’s a nice perk to have support for the bulbs within the Android TV space. LIFX isn’t so lucky but they do have a pretty cool app we reviewed that does other things that I would wish would come to HueVue TV. Anyway check out some screenshots and read on to read how it works!



So now seeing the screenshots it’s a simple UI,  It’s like having all of your light switches in one convenient place on the big screen, no really that’s it. It also will recall bridge scenes and control rooms captured/created with 3rd party mobile apps and or the official app of course. Lastly you have access to the Scenes screen, the Rooms screen, and the Lights screen on the left side of the screen as seen in the screenshots above. Compared to the phone/tablet version it’s basic but it’s Android TV and you have to make something quick and easy as navigation is done via remote/controller. My final thoughts I’m glad to see niche app development on Android TV as it shows interest in the platform outside of the big known apps and opens up use cases not considered before. I hope to see more developing in the future for niche apps.


HueVue TV
HueVue TV
Developer: Studio Kando
Price: Free

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