Loft The Battery Pack for Google Home Now Available For Pre Order

Today a lot of hardware news across the tech industry was announced. Nest had new hardware with Google Assistant built-into their camera’s which is interesting to say the least, but what we’re talking about in this article is something I’ve personally wanted for a long time and wondered when someone would make the accessory. This accessory is a battery pack for the Google Home from the company Ninety7!

Battery Pack You Say?

Now what would be the purpose of this? Well take this use case for an example which happens to be mine. My Google Home is in my kitchen in my apartment but sometimes I want to sit outside on my porch and listen to music with Google Assistant a “Hey Google” away, obviously I don’t want to keep moving it back and forth and unplugging and replugging it going from room to room. This is where the LOFT Portable Battery Base comes in at $49 normally but is $39 right now for pre-order it isn’t too expensive for what it does, 8 unplugged hours of use and 4 LED lights on the front of LOFT indicate the remaining battery life before needing another charge.

About That Look….

Google Home With Battery Pack
The Taller Google Home!

So if you couldn’t tell already the battery pack replaces the Google Home’s base and makes it a little bit taller and gives it an Echo like look that isn’t as clean as stock but hey it’s portable! It also comes in 3 colors (Carbon, Snow, Copper).

In Conclusion

I’ve ordered one! It will be here mid October and I’ll be giving a review of it then! So stay tuned and if it sparks your fancy then order it here.

Source: LOFT

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